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Moving To IoT Or Still Waiting?

Smart Cloud IoT With Big Data & Business Intelligence

Sure, the world is not there yet, but that never stopped you before. You set the pace remember? Lead and watch over others once they begin to follow. The point is you already have the ability to connect people, assets and spaces, now just switch on the technologies to do the heavy lifting and EnSoft will show you how.

End-to-End Cloud IoT
Easy to implement and operate, EnSoft SmartCloud IoT brings the flexibility you need at costs that surprise you and shows you how quickly and easily you can ramp up, operate at greater speed and at scale without missing out on anything in between. EnSoft Smart Cloud IoT is a much smarter way to leverage IoT.

Service Capabilities


IoT Analytics

Manage Both Sides Of IoT

EnSoft SmartCloud IoT securely connects to any device generating data, performs real-time and predictive analytics and extends business processes within enterprise applications. EnSoft’s capability in this area easily translates into managing the business aspects of IoT as well.

Cloud IoT

Pick Your Smart Cloud Option

EnSoft brings all the capabilities you need to operate IoT across PaaS & Saas, integrating IoT data streams and events with applications, in the cloud or on-premise. Best part, you only pay for what you decide to use.


Clean IoT Data

The Ending Of Bad Data

IoT data comes from a variety of sources in a wide range of formats. EnSoft's SmartCloud IoT integrates and aggregates all of this data on a real-time basis. EnSoft’s big data and business intelligence technologies then come into play, sifting through this wealth of data to create actionable decision-making insights. 

Integration & Security

Plug The Leaks

A big concern for IoT is security. EnSoft addresses this at both the data and device levels by securing endpoint metadata and lifecycle states, integrating registration and activation mechanisms and authenticating network communications and data streaming by making sure all the components using data are part of your organization’s IoT network. 



Java Savvy

Java is the de facto language of billions of chips and devices, desktops and mobiles. In fact, if you don’t speak Java you can’t connect to 97% of the world’s hardware. Which means, no Java, no IoT. It is as simple as that.

Affordable Yet Effective

Cost-Effective Delivery

EnSoft SmartCloud IoT provides flexible and unified services to process traditional enterprise data and big data — including both structured and unstructured data. EnSoft pulls a portfolio of proven products and technologies to create a secure, scalable, device compatibility and connectivity, control and event analytics, all at cost-competitive prices. 



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