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Think Digital. Act Digital

Digital Commerce Strategy And Solutions Using Cloud Technologies

APAC is undergoing a dramatic shift that will turn marketing on its head. The region is set to account for more than two-thirds of the global CPG digital commerce market worth “USD 1.1 trillion by 2022.” If you are not thinking digital and acting digital, you will miss the fruit.

Service Capabilities


Manage & operate

End-to-End & Beyond

Digital Commerce operations can be broadly divided into three areas: supply management, demand management and metrics management. This allows companies to monitor every performance metric and take steps to surge ahead at speed and at scale. EnSoft offers critical digital solutions with extensibility, flexibility, scalability, measurability and technology openness built into them. Which means, your fully digitized commerce operations can evolve and expand rapidly, keeping pace with your changed needs without incurring additional IT spends. Result? You lower costs and realize higher margins. Thrive as you grow.

Strategy & Consulting

Building Agile Connections

EnSoft brings together leading digital and industry experts for a one-on-one business dialogue to explore ideas and how best to connect the dots in the customers' and vendors' mind about your brand. EnSoft also helps CMOs connect marketing strategy to operations and integrate excellence into supply chain, customer data and engagement activities. Help businesses streamline their product portfolio optimization, gather business intelligence and put in place customer-centric, dialogue management processes.



Multiply Value

To keep pace with a dynamic commerce business environment, EnSoft assists CMOs align their supply chains to specific marketing goals. Deliver data informed customer experiences, design and create seamless and immersive interactions and establish a meaningful and real-time relationship between brands and customers. Connecting with customers, informing them, bringing your brand face-to-face with them and making it easy for them to buy. EnSoft makes all of this happen, in the moment, every moment.


Your Growth Stimulus

Data sourced from online buying patterns enables companies to plan ahead and explore their options whether to increase inventory ahead of expected orders or wait a while longer.


Experience Management

Apply Design Thinking to Experiences

EnSoft designs engaging and perception-altering interactive experiences. In this context, design takes into consideration not just how an experience will look and feel, but also how it engages and works on the minds of customers to create a preference. Data forms the base for creating informed personalized experience design. Millennials want to be treated as individuals and expect brands to remember them as such. Know their likes and dislikes and joining the dots between customer interactions across touch points is key to delivering a compelling customer experience.

Technology Enablers

Omni-Channel Experiences

Taking advantage of Cloud technologies and by using tools and platforms, EnSoft delivers a turn-key commerce solution. Integrating a rich customer experience without compromising core commerce competencies, you can now integrate physical stores, contact centers and digital channels seamlessly. 



Owning a Marketing Platform

EnSoft believes that businesses must have their own digital marketing platform to help in consumer data management and provide campaign management solutions to improve quality, accelerate speed to market, bring flexibility and add value to marketing programs. This platform can also play a key role in lowering overall marketing costs.


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