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Every Strategy Is Backed By An AI Strategy

AI Based Business Strategy With Data & Analytics

All businesses store huge amounts of information, EnSoft will systematically assess, analyze and help bring deeper insights to light and trigger incredibly valuable business outcomes.
Due to perennial streams of data, critical issues that used to take ages, are now resolved in minutes. Intelligent decisions based on 360-degree views of customers and a string of smart innovations have boosted data relevance and revenue. AI has become so useful that behind any business strategy, there is now a data and analytics strategy.

Service Capabilities


Data Governance

Thinking Data-First

To use analytics effectively, EnSoft first defines and prioritizes the problem you want to solve and determines the kinds of data you need as well as the type of analytics required to generate the appropriate insights from that data. It then articulates the business impact you’re looking to create. With EnSoft, all the help you need is just an email away.

Data Analytics

Data & Analytics Strategy

EnSoft is your one-stop service to design a data-driven strategy, maximize your technology and AI investments.


Data Operations

Discover & Augment

EnSoft reimagines your data supply chains and processes to ensure transparency, trust, and speed. Take a holistic view to authenticate and use third party data for predictive analytics.

Data Monetization

Beyond Data Management

EnSoft assists you with finding new ways to increase cost savings, decreasing operating costs, reducing risks and using your data assets to generate additional revenue streams.


Business Consulting

Customize Solutions

EnSoft tailors your data solutions to suit your industry and objectives. Derive actionable insights that lift performance, give you a sharper competitive advantage and windfalls.


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