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Steal-Proof Your Business Assets

Cyber Security Services With Advanced Analytics & Intelligent Automation

Hackers are becoming increasingly bold and more aggressive. In their attempt to cover their tracks, they are willfully damaging client residual networks and the biggest loss due to a security breach will be compromising the brand value irrevocably.

Whether you want to defend against known cyber attacks, or detect and respond to the unknown, or run 24×7 cyber security checks along all points of security lifecycle, EnSoft can help. Ring fence your most valuable business information and protect those things that can impact corporate value the most. We out-maneuver attackers by combining managed security services, market leading advanced analytics and intelligent automation and help you meet real-world challenges in real-time.

Service Capabilities


Risk Advisory Services

Mitigate Digital Risks

EnSoft helps businesses to move at the pace of the digital age, converting risks into a competitive advantage. Always learning, our advisory service lets you access the latest cyber security standards, offering you an infinite capacity for assessing threats and takes steps to mitigate them.

Threat Management Services

Hunt, Detect, Block, Alert

EnSoft accesses a cohesive team of seasoned security operations specialists, incident response veterans, and risk management experts to apply different types of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), sparking new conversations on how you can get the most out of EnSoft’s threat intelligence expertise.


Managed Security Services

Getting Inside The Mind

EnSoft's threat intelligence expertise, ensures rigid security of all data and devices and provides a robust protection against cyber threats. Along with 24x7 real-time monitoring and an effective risk management system, it helps in early detection, responds to the unknown and prevents any valid cyber threats.

Cloud Security

Cloud On The Fly

As you port applications, data services and business services on the cloud, you also have to worry about how you administer identity and access, and how you protect parts of application ecosystem from other parts. Start proving the value of security as the first step to successful scaling.


Infrastructure Security

Agile & Intelligent

Whether you are transiting to the cloud or opting for a hybrid approach, we work with you to put in place IT infrastructure security solutions that are optimal for your business. Ring-fence your cloud and raise it to unprecedented levels of security.

Security Consulting

Attack vs Defence

Preparing for and being able to recover from any cyber-attack is a mature approach to take. Keeping your cloud-hosted services safe, keeping your customer’s journey safe and being able to recover with minimal disruption is the hallmark of a resilient security strategy.



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