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Your Journey to Insights

Business Solutions With AI, Machine Learning & NLP

EnSoft approaches business problems the same way as enterprising and successful distruptors do. There is no bias, nor is the thinking clouded by a past. It is free to direct and refine what AI comes up with, then take aim at helping you create relationships that are interactive, exploratory and adaptable.

Through Natural Language Processing (NLP), EnSoft finds that machines are beginning to better understand even the context of the language, instead of just the content. And when AI combines Image Recognition with ML, machines start to see not just their surroundings, but begin to understand them. A real game changer will be AI’s ability to work with humans in extended reality (XR) environments.

When humans are able to understand machines better, Explainable AI will allow businesses to reinvent and constantly improve the offerings and experiences their customers want. The result? AI becomes much more than just another tech tool. It becomes an agent of change in business, enabling clients to do different things innovatively.

Service Capabilities


Media/Entertainment/Retail/ Food Sector

Success Fueled by AI

As consumers are constantly evaluating choices, media & entertainment, retail & consumer goods sectors must stay relevant in every moment between sales and service to capture new opportunities to engage and grow. EnSoft helps businesses implement AI powered solutions across customers, channels, and products. Reveal a real-time 360° view of customer for insights that you couldn’t possibly see before and drive your new strategies and capabilities to optimize growth.

Healthcare sector

Personalization of Healthcare

There is a seismic shift triggered by new socio-economic realities, leading to the personalization of healthcare. Advances in data and digital technologies are pushing forward the biggest opportunity for insightful healthcare businesses, making it possible for them to carve a larger share of the market by delivering more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare. With inspired real-time AI healthcare insights, businesses can create more intelligent processes to provide lifesaving customer-patient experiences at a decreased service-cost per customer. EnSoft also delivers increased speed-to-value through innovative contracting, partnerships, and scalable AI and analytics-powered services.


SCM users

Ending The Legacy Mindset

Rigid thinking has petrified supply chain systems and the idea of getting the right products to customers, when and where they need them, has veered off course. EnSoft bring it back on track and does this without impacting margins. Leveraging advanced analytics and intelligent technologies, EnSoft transforms the way businesses have been handling their SCM. Its new customer-driven, integrated operating models increase visibility within and across all supply chain functions and offer more efficiency, transparency and agility. The result? Enhanced precision forecasting, augmenting decision-making, and increasing strategic analysis and innovation around customer demands.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Prevention & Detection

By combining the power of intelligent automation, machine learning and advanced analytics, EnSoft develops solutions that deliver measurable business outcomes. EnSoft assists organizations minimize risk of a financial crime by leveraging self-learning and embracing intelligent AI-powered solutions to inform their risk eco-system design. Be in a position to detect early warning signals of a potential crime, spot and initiate processes to mitigate threats and examine high case volumes quickly and thoroughly.



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