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The New Retail Reality

Technology Solutions For Retail Industry Using AI, Extended Reality

We live in an era in which each moment of a consumer’s life becomes an individual, momentary market of one. How do you as a retail enterprise, deliver intensely customized and on-demand experience in these real life, real-time scenarios? EnSoft believes you need to go beyond SMAC and into the world of Distributed Ledger, AI, Extended Reality and Quantum Computing (DARQ) as these emerging technologies help identify consumer needs before competitors do — and even before consumers themselves do.

Our Solutions


AI In retail

Reading the mind

Retailers can now access a wealth of data about their customers. They know what each of them purchases and understand their shopping habits inside stores, what they look at, pick up and put it back, but don’t buy. Such AI-driven insight systems help businesses gain a granular understanding of consumers and assist you in predicting purchase desires.


Always-on, Always-me

Delivering intelligent customer engagement requires blending design thinking, dialog design and knowledge engineering. Putting them together creates experiences that meaningfully impact and enhance consumer metrics at every touch point.



Fully traceable & transparent

The new technology driven retail operating model — comprising strong, strategic and secure SCM ecosystem enables hyper localization and last mile deliver precision. Breaking down silos and bringing a new focus on fulfilling customer expectations of “I want it now". A positive personalized experience creates outcomes that help build trust and lead to a rise in purchasing frequency.

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