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Digital Solutions Using AI For Social, Economic & Health Improvement

The digitally enabled citizen is the new reality and every public sector organization is racing towards implementing actionable digital solutions, tailor-made to help improve the social, economic and health outcomes of the citizens they serve. By leveraging technologies like social media, mobility, big data and cloud, EnSoft develops new digital operating models designed to make public services more citizen-centric, more agile, and more responsive

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Bringing services to life

Next-generation AI solutions capable of detecting the citizens’ intent and responding to the root causes of their inquiries is transforming the way public sectors operate. Helping create living services and solutions that help realize the full potential of nimble decision-making processes and accountability.


Internet driven healthcare

A new breed of healthcare entrepreneurs are transforming treatment, care and operational efficiency, by putting AI at the heart of everything they do, unlocking new value and reinvesting in innovation for rapid growth. Their aim: Build a frictionless, agile and intelligent healthcare environment that responds in real-time.


Revenue & taxation

Avoidable errors

Younger people are the least knowledgeable about managing taxes, submit the most errors and can benefit the most from, by creating a seamless, customer-centric tax filing experience. But most administrations are yet to take advantage of what AI can bring to eliminate errors, boost productivity and save costs.

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