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Changing The Rules of the Game

Manufacturing & Industrial Technology Solutions Using AI

Smart Manufacturing and the emergence of interconnected and intelligent manufacturing systems have levelled the playing field. EnSoft believes the key to realigning business and operational models, to take advantage of these disruptive technologies depends on the ability to distinguish between what is new and what is useful. So move deliberately, revolutionize how you engage with customers, compete and grow within the market.

AI is changing the rules of business by automating complex physical tasks with agility and enabling mass customization of smart products in real-time. Deep learning algorithms spot patterns in behavior to help you turn leads into sales and in manufacturing and supply chains, AI makes predictive maintenance and inventory optimization a reality.

Our Solutions



AI & Industrial Manufacturing

Bring startup thinking and rapid prototyping together and enhance your delivery, ramp-up capabilities and bring great product ideas to life — at speed and at scale.


AI & Process Manufacturing

Enterprises are using AI to decrease processing costs, deliver high quality products and streamline operations for efficiency and decreased downtime, while increasing customer satisfaction.


Aerospace & Defense

AI in Aerospace & Defence

AI, mobility, cloud and distributed ledger technologies will increasingly play a central role in building intelligent processes that optimize revenue gains, increase efficiencies over an offering lifecycle and bring the greatest value.


AI & Hi-Tech

AI is moving out of the back office and taking a place, front and center, in employees and people. Becoming a core competency that drives right insights, creates compelling user experience and helps predict customer needs.


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