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As everyone in travel, tourism & hospitality is focused on developing digital competencies, what will set your marquee apart? EnSoft resolves this problem by leveraging powerful new technologies, enhancing interactions, accelerating innovation and helping you personalize customer experiences to the point of delight.

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Catch up and surge ahead

Unprecedented competition, increasing market volatility and disruptive business models are raising customer expectations, taking them higher than ever. This change is not just fast, but exponential. Once you put human values at the core of your operations, you will be onto making something big happen. Build trust, the most critical component for success.


DARQ matters

The emerging technologies of distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence, extended reality and quantum computing (DARQ) are catalysts to bring extraordinary new capabilities to life. Reimagine not just operations but deliver compelling and unforgettable customer experiences at every touchpoint.


Customer Insights

Know your customers

Technology-driven interactions create virtual identities for every traveller and record every transaction that takes place. Laying the foundation for insightful understanding of the next generation of customers for building a rich, individualized and experience-driven relationship.


Free your workforce

Add the vital “human+” factor by enabling every individual member of your workforce feel empowered by their skillsets and the knowledge of their growing set of capabilities that is made possible by technology. You are not just catching up anymore but anticipating every customer’s unmet desire and fulfilling it!


Security & Privacy

Everyone wants to feel secure

In an ecosystem-driven business, enterprises are not victims, they’re vectors for inter-connectedness. Collaborating to deliver best-in-class products, services and experiences with security playing the central role in every transaction.


Market in the moment

Technology can create a world of intensely customized and on-demand experiences, reinventing itself to find and convert those opportunities, making real-time delivery a big competitive advantage. To meet customers at the speed of their need, you need to treat each one of them as a market of one.


Data & Analytics

Decisions on the go

Advanced analytics capability will enable you to customize and initiate experiences, right from the start. With deeper understanding of customers and markets, you will find ways to create new experiences. Bring focus to guest-customer targeting, improve pricing and pave the way for faster growth and higher margins.

Experience Design

Never a dull moment

Your customers are highly mobile, always connected, tech savvy individuals. To truly engage and convert them you need to embrace the technology they use. Leverage solutions that already exist and create new ones. Effectively integrating both customer and workforce into enterprise architectures and manage both on the fly.


Marketing Technology

Sensitize every touchpoint

To build brand loyalty and increase revenue, stay relevant when customers are online, on the go and on premises. Enterprises need to transform each function into a customer-centric initiative, orchestrating to harmonize every touchpoint with the experience they are designed to deliver.

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