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Dump The Old Playbook

Communication & Media Tech Solutions Using Artifial Intelligence

Rethink core beliefs and redefine the intersection between people and technology to lead again in a rapidly changing communication and media environment. EnSoft, with expertise in advance digital technologies — from AI to blockchain and analytics to cloud, will assist savvy companies deliver customized next-generation IP services and immersive customer experiences, optimizing 5G and AR by tailoring consumers’ digital journeys throughout their lives. Time to thrive.

Our Solutions



Me First, Then You

Creating engaging digital experiences is a two-way process. People want to own their data as well as the experience. Thrive by customizing the experience and staying transparent. “Me first” is the new reality.

Artificial Intelligence

Your AI Playbook

AI is a powerful collaboration tool between humans and machines. Do it at scale and reimagine all aspects of your entire business from the ground up. Realign and thrive.


Experience Design

Ownership Is a Notion

People don’t own physical products, they own compelling and evolving experiences. To thrive, businesses have no choice but to design products and ecosystems that morph and evolve with change.

Robotic Automation

Stepping Out

Robots are the coming of age and their skills have outgrown controlled environments. To thrive, companies need to have the right talent, understand human-computer interface and use the world as a testing ground.



Weaving The Future

Maturing digital technologies and emerging DARQ technologies will transform the way companies innovate to compete effectively. Thrive by injecting new skills, technology and ideas constantly.

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