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Innovative Banking, Finance & Insurance Technology Solutions Using AI

Getting off the beaten track (Empowering Banking Innovations)
EnSoft will be at work, addressing your banking issues that currently disrupt operations and resolve each one of them in an innovative way. Have a complete suite of tested solutions, up and running quickly. They are built to evolve and scale as your operations grow. Our proven blockchain knowledge and field-based expertise will design and build an impenetrable ring fence security system around all your data assets and operations.

With EnSoft as your IT partner, you enhance financial transaction speeds, have complete control over operations and ensure total security-things that are missing in the current legacy solutions you are saddled with.

Our Solutions


Corporate Banking

Agility With Stability

In order to retain the competitive edge in saturated markets and to surge ahead of all the virtual banking initiatives that competitors take to acquire clients, EnSoft brings agility with stability by giving you an upper hand in everything you do and helping you also manage complex adjustments and reshaping requirements of payment processes. Be insightful, agile and competitive in your responses to nimble competitors who happen to be more tech savvy. Beat them at their own game. 

Retail Banking

Multiplying Value Across Multiple Assets

Today, firms are facing unrelenting competitive pressures, face increasing and tighter regulations and dynamic market situations. EnSoft assists asset managers navigate this complexity at speed. Focusing on what matters by improving customer engagement and driving profitability. With deep industry expertise in management consulting, technology, analytics and outsourcing, EnSoft end-to-end transformation capabilities help firms navigate, increasing volatility safely. Respond to growing business demands swiftly and manage risks which come with new opportunities.


Capital Markets

Giving Wealth Managers The Capital Edge

EnSoft helps investment banks, asset and wealth management managers, and trading exchanges prepare for transactions at unheard of speeds, at unimaginable scale and in total security. Leverage global strategies using data driven insights, rethink business models, manage risks, redefine workplace strategies, improve operational efficiencies and be ready to adapt DARQ technologies to strengthen and supercharge your digital capabilities. Create the future.

Risk & Compliance

Bridge The Gap

Identifying compliance gaps and initiating best-fit compliance actions is a challenging and an often expensive but necessary exercise. With EnSoft as your AI-powered Smart Regulatory Advisor, everything changes. You not only identify hotspots that need attention quickly, but also access actionable insights, to keep risk & compliance operations on course and at much lower costs.


Cards & Payments

Check & Mate

While many traditional banks are still in the process of integrating digital services into their legacy environments, agile players are entering the cards and payments space from unexpected angles. Redefining the entire financial services ecosystem and creating new, innovative value-added services. EnSoft is helping lead players by combining new technologies with formidable capabilities and introducing agile ways to meet the demands of customers in areas that include efficient P2P transfers, physical and virtual cards, foreign exchange, remittances and more.



The pandemic has deeply impacted insurers’ revenues and profits, compelling them to look beyond just stabilizing their businesses. To retain their competitive edge, insurance companies are exploring how emerging DARQ technologies can help them re-think and re-design new products and service models. Win more customers by focusing on elevating the human experience with every interaction. And surging ahead by doing far more than meeting client expectations.


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