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Cloud Based Business Solutions

By expanding the Cloud footprint across different functions, divisions and even geographies, you begin to realize the true value from your investment. The reason is simple. The more your business consumes Cloud, the greater will be the value you’ll see in return.

Service Capabilities


Multi-platform Services

Be Nimble & Agile

EnSoft gives you the control and agility to consume and manage business services fully, securely, and effectively across multiple clouds on demand, at speed and from a single point.

Migration Services

Migrate Without Tripping

EnSoft enables you to migrate and transform workloads consistently and on schedule, at scale, with reduced costs and minimal disruption to your business.


Managed Services

Managing Cloud Journeys

EnSoft offers hands-on management of your cloud environment — providing insight, data and information to govern, manage, and control operations and avoid costs that can quickly spiral out of control.

Hosting Services

Every Cloud Is Unique

EnSoft works with you to design intelligent cloud solutions to maximize business value and drive innovation. Taking a holistic approach, it addresses hosting options, processes and technology.


Development Services

With You At Every Step

Custom development of Cloud applications gives you a sharper edge. Whether it's evolving existing applications or building new ones, EnSoft shows you how you can make them better, faster, and more agile.

Implementation Services

Excelling In Diversity

EnSoft adapts to the client’s digital maturity level and helps them grow along with their cloud project. Adding new functionalities and innovations as and when required, quickly and cost-effectively.


Security Services

Cutting-Edge Security

By joining forces with EnSoft, you can build a rigorous data security ecosystem. Accelerate capabilities exponentially and ensure better outcomes, faster and with shorter learning cycles. It’s a win-win.


If Global Clients, Cross Domain Expertise and Innovation is your cup of tea, maybe you should be joining us for one very soon. Explore how you could become a part of EnSoft, for a dynamic, ever-evolving, and life transforming future.

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