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Today’s world of technology is dominated by intelligent machines, and their behavior is controlled by the software powering it. And it is only when you involve those leading strategy, development, and quality engineering across your organization, can higher quality Apps become a reality. Quality Assurance is crucial because it identifies errors or bugs from a system at the beginning.

Testing alone is not enough

Mobile application testing services only finds what’s wrong. And despite the huge amount of effort by an army of qualified staff performing more and more tests, you’re still not seeing the necessary improvement in speed or quality.

To build applications with high functionality in an agile and DevOps world, you must do more than Mobile application performance testing strategy. A proactive approach focused on quality and enabled by AI will help you identify errors and defects — and potentially avoid these entirely. Testing alone is no match for a proactive, AI-enabled and quality-focused mindset.

You need an intuitive interface

The market is ruthless towards increasingly complicated applications that are full of bugs. They seldom get downloaded, and even when that happens, what is worse is the response. An App is killed even before it has the chance to be de-bugged or tried.

So the challenge is to be in a position to develop complicated applications that are very useful and bring them to market faster with fewer defects and lower costs.

That is why it helps when you have mobile application testing services that combine Quality & Testing and focus on optimizing the entire test design rather than its parts. This way, you also get to identify the right number of types and tests the App needs without compromising on the coverage.

A simple Q&T framework, delivered directly to recipients through an intuitive interface will connect those leading strategy, development, and quality engineering across your organization in real-time.
By doing this you will lower costs significantly.

Q&T Strategy that works

An efficient mobile application performance testing approach combines the complete assessment and evaluation of all technology stack levels and ensures that every part, as well as the entire system, works without breaking down.

1. Leave time for fixing: Once problems are discovered, it is important to fix the time for the developers to resolve the issues. Also, the team needs time to retest the fixes as well.

2. Discourage passing the buck: If you want to minimize back and forth conversations between developers and testers, you need to develop a culture that will encourage them to hop on the phone or have desk-side chat to get to the bottom of things. Testing and fixing are all about collaboration.

3. Manual testing has to be exploratory: If it is possible to write down or script any issue in exact terms, it could be automated and belongs in the automated test suite . Real-world use of the software will not be scripted and the testers need to break things without a script.

4. Encourage clarity: You need to create a bug report that provides clarity rather than confusion. However, it is also integral for a developer to go out of the way to effectively communicate as well.

5. Test often: This helps in preventing a huge backlog of problems from escalating and crushing demotivating the team. Frequent testing is considered the best approach.

What else is needed?

The best mobile app testing services will improve efficiency and will be critical to your operations. Automating your Q&T will not only help take the App to the market quickly, but also do that with fewer bugs and in the shortest time possible.

What will prove to be a game changer however, is when you begin to use AI to analyze the apps, spot and identify patterns of where the defects usually crop up and take measures to prevent them from interrupting the Q&T process not only now but also in the future as well.

Remember, close to 3.7 billion people are impacted by software bugs every year. If you are not making the effort to minimizing these flaws, then it will be worthwhile looking at another business.

But if Apps development and creation is where you want to compete, you need a partner who can help you devise quality and testing strategies that will work for your business. You need someone with the experience of inventing testing strategies in industries covering banking, retail, telecommunications, transportation and delivered strong results.

What will be even more important will be a culture and a mindset to involve the entire development eco-system and lead them to fulfil the most crucial factor for a new project – reduce the time to market.

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